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School buses make great electric fleets! They cost less to maintain and fuel than diesel buses, which can free up needed resources for schools. These zero emission replacement buses will ensure cleaner air for students, drivers, school staff, and the communities through which the buses drive each day.  

Blink Charging has sold or deployed nearly 400 chargers at educational facilities across 14 states. Helping power electric buses for school districts, saving money, preventing emissions, and empowering clean transportation for children.

Learn from a case study how Blink provides EV charging solutions for electric school bus fleets.

Getting started with EV charging is easy, start with this guide and electrify your facilities.

Take Advantage of EPA Funding for EV Charging Stations!

Pair the EPA rebates with Blink’s flexible business models to reduce EV installation costs even more and help support clean and zero emissions vehicles that transport our children and benefit communities in a greener and better way!

Ready to Take Advantage of the EPA Funding? Send an email to and a Blink EV charging expert will contact you and walk you through the application process.


EV Charging Solutions for School Districts

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Electric Buses Could Save

Electric School Buses Have An Average


School Districts $192,000 On Fuel And Maintenance Over The Battery’s Lifetime.

Battery Life Of About 16 Years, Which Avoids Hardware Expenses And Delays Costly Fleet Replacements

Demonstrate Your Commitment To Sustainability While Reducing CO2 Emissions. 

Let's Electrify Your School Bus Fleet

We can help assess your infrastructure needs, funding opportunities, and more!

Why Blink?

*Easy contracting with Sourcewell: Enjoy a pre-competed public bidding process and access discounted charging solutions

*An industry leading hardware and network provider

*Flexible business models to fit your needs and 24/7 support

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) EPA is awarding up to $400,000 million in funding. Act fast, funding is limited!