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Dealership and Automaker EV Charging Solutions

Revenue is generated when drivers charge their electric vehicles at your facility.

Attract EV drivers via Google Maps, the Blink Network, car navigation systems and EV driver mobile apps.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and adopting consumer-friendly practices while reducing CO2 emissions. 

Blink's flexible business models are designed for every location, turning your parking facility into an EV charging destination.

Charging Revenue

Attract EV Drivers



With EV sales growing exponentially, it is crucial that dealerships and automakers evolve to meet the opportunity of EV adoption. Discover how adding EV charging capabilities can attract EV customers, enhance sustainability initiatives and extend your brand to the charging experience.

Blink Charging offers customized, comprehensive, and integrated solutions for auto dealers and automakers. In fact, only Blink can provide OEMs with a vertically integrated EV charging solution from equipment design and manufacturing to deployment across the country.

Consider these items when planning EV charging stations for your dealership or car manufacturing facility.

EV Charging for Dealerships and Automakers

Getting started with EV charging is easy, start with this guide and electrify your facilities.

Automakers and Dealerships We Power

Electrify Your Dealership and Manufacturing

  • Communicate to your clients that you are an EV expert and encourage them to test drive your new electric vehicles.
  • Be ready for electric vehicles in your service areas.
  • Ensure maximum charging speeds and reliability with the Blink IQ 200 and meet the power demands of today’s most powerful batteries.
  • Offer a fully customizable EV charging solution to extend your brand to the charging experience.
  • Use the Blink Network to offer a better consumer experience for drivers and enjoy a robust back-end solution.

Host a Blink Charging Station!

Interested in learning more about hosting an EV charging station at your dealership?


We have been proudly selling Zero Electric Motorcycles for several years and are thrilled to see increased interest every day and are excited to share this resource with the electric vehicle community both motorcycles and automobiles. The charger is open to the public 24/7.

- Justin Schultz, Coastal Powersports

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EV Charging Considerations



13 Million

Of All Vehicle Sales will be Electric by 2025

Of Americans Say Their Next Car Will Be an EV

Charging Ports Needed by 2030

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